I live in it


Working with Choreographer and performer Eleanor Sikorski, www.eleanorsikorski.com, and musician Jamie McCarthy https://soundcloud.com/jamie-mccarthy-1/

A performance project working with community performers from 5 to 90 years old, exploring what makes us feel at home in our bodies. Working in partnership with Magic Me and Mulberry School for Girls we’ll be meeting weekly to explore our stories and to create dance from them. My own long experience of intergenerational work has made me aware of the importance of the body in the dialogue with others, and in the understanding of the ageing process, and I want to explore this further.

Focussing on the marks on our bodies: tattoos, scars, stretch marks, freckles, we’ll work through a series of developmental workshops. We will collect audio recordings and develop both visual language, using Sue’s object work ‘Settlements’ , and movement language, which Ellie will develop for a smaller group of intergenerational performers. Jamie will create a sound piece, for live choir and as a recorded sound track, from the audio recordings. Chuck Lowry will be working alongside us to create a documentary film on the whole process. We know that we’ll perform  at Mulberry School for Girls’ International Women’s Day celebrations, and there may also be another, public sharing and workshop. Our aim is to create  a loud , proud, thank you to our bodies