Films and Audio

Where the Heart Is
Where the heart is is a series of audio pieces created by a group of women aged 14-80, based on their life experiences and life in the Brick Lane area.
This was part of the LIFT Festival 2012, and the audience walked around the area, listening to the podcasts, guided by short films shown in shop windows, on  a park bench, on a kitchen window-ledge and in a City square. My collaborators were sound artist Jules Wilkinson and film maker Lesley Allen.  


Wild Wild Women (2006-2013)
A set of films on 10 years of intergenerational projects at the Women’s Library, including a documentary and interviews with participants

Pinning Butterflies (2015)
A large-scale performance project with The Royal Albert Hall, a group of local older women, and Students from Central St Martin’s

The Gratitude Enquiry (2016)
A reflection on three pilot projects on the theme of Gratitude

I live in it (2016)
An intergenerational dance project for women aged 14-85, exploring whether we can feel grateful to our bodies

Bread (2016)
an intergenerational exploration of bread making. A pilot project with Ovalhouse and Stockwell Good Neighbours

A project creating fans and using them to send messages, hidden and public.

With Sydenham Garden and the Sydenham Festival