Fan Mail


With visual artist Anna Sikorska

This is a chance to write to say thank you to people we haven’t thanked. They can be alive or dead, they can be people we know or celebrities. My first fan letter was to the kind car mechanic, Frank Suarez, who helped me with my first car. My most recent was to Fabio Santos, when he left Project Phakama, and was the first one I had written on a fan. The first group of participants will make the fans, and begin to collect text that will form part of a celebratory song to launch the installation. At Festival events participants can decorate their fan, styling it to the nature of the message, and choose who they want to thanks. Every fan will be photographed and instagrammed. Fans that cannot go to their receiver will become part of an installation, created instantly on site, but all others we will attempt to get to their recipient. Once the installation is created a scratch choir will sing the celebratory anthem. Intended for Festivals, we will launch this at The Sydenham Festival in 2016, and work with participants at Sydenham Garden.