Past Projects

Settlements project imagesWork in Progress:

The Gratitude Enquiry is a new strand of research, initially testing three new projects that share an interest in the experience and expression of thankfulness. Working with  a team of exciting artists I’ll spend a year on research and development before launching the projects.

Settlements is an ongoing exploration of the making of place and the inhabiting of space, through the creation of tiny worlds, using found objects.  Building on a series of structured exercises, Sue continues to explore and develop this way of working, most recently working with young artists to develop the work through film.  In preparation are family workshops with Settlements that lead to collective storytelling, and work with dancers to explore using the body as the site of the installations. Click here for more information

Sue has recently contributed two chapters for a new publication on Theatre and Community. One Chapter examines Magic Me’s intergenerational performance projects at Queen Mary College, and the second the work of artist Mark Storor and Participation Producer Anna Ledgard. Performance & Community, edited by Dr Caoimhe McAvinchey, was published by Methuen in November 2013

In 2012 Sue worked with Magic Me on their new collaboration with Duckie. She researched and documented the different ways in which a variety of art forms support the building of relationships in a group. The report Detail and Daring is available online from Magic Me


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